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"We'll make you feel like you really are in Mexico's beach"
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See our famous menu with authentics recipes from Mexico,  FRESH, and DELICIOUS!  You'll find a fresh mix of Mexican food that was created just the like you love
​We do Mexican Caterings
With our Mexican party menu you will have a real Mexico flavor. Simply order by
call to your Baja taco.
Our Mexican Party Pack Catering are packed up in a convenient in containers 
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Real Spices and Herbs

Baja Taco strive for serving the freshest and best-quality Mexican food in our restaurants. We knows the benefits of eating well.
We choose to prepair your food in front of you by using farm fresh ingredients for our Mexican food,  

You'll enjoy freshly prepared Mexican platters.
Fresh Ingredients, Sourced from local farms
At Baja Taco We believe in real Mexican food made by real people rigth in front of you, from real recipes and real local farm fresh ingredients. 
We love to see our guests happy cause they have a really good taste and good health with good nutrition.
We invite you to Eat Well and Live Fresh by making your local Baja Taco Mexican restaurant a part of your active daily lifestyle.

We will feel more than happy to attend you and again

Welcome to BAJA TACO!